Sample Ridge Flights

Posted by on April 9, 2020

Here is a list of sample flight log files (in IGC format) that illustrate many of the ridge routes within the Mifflin task area. Click the link to download a ZIP file that includes all the files described below. You can then use normal flight display software (e.g. SeeYou) to examine routes of interest.

Download ZIP file

NisbetCumberland.igc – the standard route southwest along the “front” ridge, which includes crossing the Milesburg, Altoona and Bedford gaps.

CumberlandNisbetViaBER.igc – the route back along the “front” (Bald Eagle) ridge.  It includes crossing both the Bedford and Altoona gaps headed northeast – not usually the fastest route.  See the next file for a route that’s often faster. 

CumberlandNisbetViaTussey.igc – the route most ridge runners have come to prefer; it tracks the “front” ridge northeast to a point near the Bedford Fire Tower, then drops downwind to Evitts mountain and soon arrives on Tussey Ridge not far from the Blair County Airport.  It also includes the transition from Tussey to Nittany Mountain near the town of State College, and the most common route (via thermals) across The Bowl near Lock Haven. 

Talledega.igc – Crossing from Nittany Mountain to the Bald Eagle Ridge near Lock Haven by following the rim of The Bowl. 

DeathDive.igc – Crossing The Bowl from Nittany Mountain to the Bald Eagle Ridge northeast of Lock Haven by the most spectacular route: the “Death Dive”.

WoodwardCumberland.igc – This route starts along the low ridge that runs southwest from Woodward, then jumps upwind to Tussey Mountain, not far from State College.  It follows Tussey to The Wall and then Evitts Mountain to Cumberland.  The reverse of this is shown in CumberlandWoodward.igc

BlairMifflin.igc – features the run northeast along the spectacular Raystown Ridge: 20+ miles of nothing but water to land it.  At the end of this, the route jumps to Jacks Mountain and follows this home to Mifflin County Airport. 

KishValleyTour.igc – The Kishacoquillas Valley (also known as the Big Valley) is the home of Mifflin County Airport.  This flight follows Jacks Mountain northeast until it becomes unflyable, then heads southwest to Mill Creek.  The return home is along Stone Mountain, a lower but usually dependable route.

 3BarnsMillCreek.igc – A common “back side” route southwest along Jack’s Mountain, as might be flown in a southeast wind.  The reverse of this route is shown in the file MillCreek3Barns.igc.