Pilot Briefings

Posted by on December 1, 2020

Ridge Flying the Mifflin Task Area      Karl Striedieck’s detailed discussion of ridge routes and transitions in the Mifflin contest task area.

Sample Ridge Flights    Flight log files (IGC format) that illustrate typical ridge routes in the Mifflin task area.

Contest Pilot Briefing     Essential information on Mifflin contest procedures.

Visiting Pilot Briefing    Useful information for pilots new to the area, whether intending to fly a contest or just to enjoy Mifflin soaring conditions.

Mifflin Weather Patterns      What to expect from Spring (contest season) weather in our area.

Mifflin Area Airfield Notes     Important information about airfields and landability in our task area.

Interactive Ridge Map     Download a GoogleEarth map that explains ridge routes throughout the Appalachian ridge system.