The Mifflin Trophy

Posted by on April 10, 2020

The Mifflin trophy is awarded each year for the longest handicapped flight made by a regular entrant during the Mifflin contest. The trophy was created by the Mifflin County Airport Authority in 2008 as a way of supporting the soaring competitions held at the airport since 1990.  All design and fabrication of the trophy was done by members of the Authority who applied the skills and resources of their own occupations to create this award. The winning pilot receives a winner’s plaque while the trophy remains at the airport with the winner’s name added each year.

2008Sean Murphy
2009Mike Robison
2010Tim Welles
2011Jerzy Szemplinski
2012John Cochrane
2013Karl Striedieck
2014John Good & Nico Bennet
2015John Good
2016John Good
2017Biff Huss
2018Mike Robison
2019Evan Ludeman
2020no contest
2021John Seymour